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Want to keep on top with your snooker? Then keep close tabs on Riley Snooker International.

Are you something of a snooker fan? Then there’s one sure-fire way of keeping up to date with developments in the world of quality cue sports equipment – keep a close eye on what’s happening on the Riley snooker website. This long-standing player in the field of snooker, billiards and pool has an attractive website boasting both a comprehensive range of kit for sale, but also some interesting facts and figures about everything ranging from the history of the sport to the necessary minimum dimensions of the room you’ve designated for your table. The company produces some of the most recognizable models of snooker table on the planet – its finest tables have even graced the stage of the World Championships. Riley also makes cues and a range of billiard table and pool table models. Wherever it’s played, this is a sport that’s characterized by tremendous precision. It’s not surprising then that the equipment with which it’s played should also be manufactured to the very highest standards. This is seen not just in the raw materials used or the craftsmanship employed, but in the technology that’s an integral part of the manufacturing process – think slate for the playfield that’s laser-cut to the nearest millimetre, for example.