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What will 2013 have in store for the binary options market?

Nobody knows what 2013 has in store for the financial markets, but amidst all the uncertainty, there are perhaps a few trends that we can sketch out. The race for the position as best binary options broker will continue to be hotly contested, given the growing numbers of people who are looking for reliable websites on which to practise this latest kind of trade. There are numerous trading platforms plying their trade on the net and when you’re starting out, it’s not easy to know how to differentiate the good from the less good. You need to know exactly what you want from such a site.

For example, do you find the site easy to navigate? Does it make the actual business of trading simple, or complex? Is there a mobile trading option? All of these things need to be taken into account. A binary options demo is an excellent way of getting some valuable first-hand experience of what trading involves without actually putting any money on the line. Although trading binary options may seem deceptively simple, it’s crucial to try to develop a trading system that’s based on experience – yours and others’ – rather than on emotion or adrenalin!