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Get your creative juices flowing with flipbook technology!

One of the best combinations your marketing department can come up with is to take a great way of displaying digital content to its best advantage, add an iconic piece of personal technology to the mix and make a match made in heaven in the shape of a flipbook ipad presentation. Software from companies such as Webpublication is starting to have a real impact on the way we create and display our own digital content. Flipbook design is no longer seen as the preserve of specialists thanks to advances in user-friendly technology that enables practically anyone to produce slick-looking content quickly without any particular training. If you want to publish an online magazine, you can make it as interactive as you like by adding features like video, HD images and flash animations. You could make it easy to share it with other users on social networking sites or maybe download it to your smartphone. The other useful aspect of this kind of e-brochure creator is the way in which it’s easy to really put your own stamp on your design. This could involve offering versions in different languages, adding a logo or picking a colour scheme that reflects your company.