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Beat the wintertime blues with Modatoi!

If you’re starting to come down with a case of the wintertime blues, why don’t you check out the Modatoi online store. With the coming of the colder weather, a priority has to be sorting out our winter footwear. Luckily enough women’s boots are one of the things we do best. You could take a walk on the wild side with a fake alligator leather, leopardskin or zebra print model. There are some things you can’t do without in any given season, this year, when it comes to boots, that thing is buckles. And lots and lots of them, generally speaking, in fact, anything up to 8 on a single boot. One design to look out for is actually based on newsprint – appropriately enough, given that it’s definitely worth a few column inches in the fashion press.
You’ve jumped into Modatoi feet first, but you’ll find they’ve actually got lots more to offer than just shoes and boots. Consider Modatoi’s dresses for instance. Sweater dresses are running riot, adorned with bow and belts or featuring more simple designs. In colours, black has burst onto the main stage once more, sometimes on its own, sometimes complemented by subtler shades.