Riley snooker has it all when it comes to cue sports!

There are few better places to go if you’re interested in upgrading your cue sports arsenal than the Riley snooker international internet site. Here you can find a great range of tables and cues for everything from American pool to Russian pyramid and, of course, kit for billiards and snooker enthusiasts. All Riley equipment is made using top-notch materials, crafted lovingly with all the skill that only decades of experience can hone.  Naturally, the company’s best-selling products are their various snooker table models. These have proved extremely popular with some of the world’s top players, with Riley tables being a regular feature on the world championships circuit for many years. Many people think that the basic design of snooker and pool tables is relatively simple – and in some ways it is – but this doesn’t mean that Riley can’t harness modern techniques and machinery to ensure that their tables provide the best possible playing experience. To give one example, it’s crucial that the slate that underlies the table is absolutely level – like the proverbial playing field. The only sure way of delivering this is by using the best quality Italian slate and combining it with the very latest laser-cutting technology.