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Treat your caravan – and yourself – to an awning that won’t let you down.

Such a simple idea, but potentially such a boon for the avid caravan fan – caravan awnings are a great option to consider when you’re starting to feel your space is getting a bit on the short side. On the other hand, it’s important to go for quality, rather than just looking for the cheapest product. There’s not a lot of fun in watching the rain come through a tear in the low-quality material of the bargain basement awning that you’ve only had for six months.

Tried and trusted name Eurovent manufactures high-quality awnings, including motorhome awnings. There are several reasons why eurovent awnings quality products have such a good reputation. One has to be the excellence of the materials used in their construction – whether it’s the sturdy aluminium or fibreglass frames or the top notch acrylic used in most of its awning designs. Another is the thinking that’s gone into their design. For example, it’s a lot easier to put up an awning securely and quickly when you’ve got special tightening handles to help. All in all, a caravanning holiday can be made a lot more pleasant if you choose an awning offering you space in a reliably weatherproof design.