The winning ways of leather

Materials have come and gone down the ages, but leather is arguably as popular as ever. Lucrin’s expertise lies in the production of leather goods for use in home and business environments. Their products are characterized by the excellence of their craftsmanship and superior quality materials.
Alongside the more usual suspects such as briefcases and handbags, leather may be used to good effect in everything from cushions to bottle holders.
The kaleidoscope of shades available and the number of different finishes are another reason to love leather. Even something as simple as passport holders can look totally transformed with the help of bright, unconventional colours like fuchsia and purple. It’s child’s play to add an extra personal touch to this kind of article with the addition of your initials in gold or silver. The last ingredient in the mix is the type of leather. Calf leather, lambskin leather or the more exotic ostrich and crocodile-style leather are all available. When you’re on the move, you also want to make sure you’ve got a wallet that’s up to the job. Travel wallets, credit card wallets, wallets with coin pockets – there’s more variety about than you might think!